What the fuck kinda shit is that. You know damn well if some girl even if you knew her really well came over to my place youd be on my case about it. 
He’s like my best friend and yeah you guys are close but what the actual fuck yo. I have all the right to be mad or feel however the fuck i want to.
Remember when you got mad cause my screensaver was a girl who liveslike 40K miles away. Well how the fuck am i supposed to feel if my homie that lives a block away from you is chillin at your place. 
You really piss me off sometimes

That’s just great, I don’t think you understand how much that pisses me off, but whatever do whatever the fuck you please. That just makes me feel like I’m not good enough for you wth. I always wanted to fuck a white girl but yet I’m here with you, and you’re all I want now. But like I said do whatever the fuck you want. That’s wont be my responsibility

Why do you do this to me? I hate it, you say you’re not busy or doing anything so why dont you reply to me? or make the responses soo short. I’m not gonna ask if you’re ok because youre gonna say yes. If im boring you just tell me